Testimonials from Some of Our Clients

Pridestaff Testimonial

Hi, this is Rick Hacker, Vice President with Pridestaff. We had the pleasure of bringing Jim back to our Pridestaff annual conference this year. The thing that’s great about Jim is his passion, but also the research, the knowledge that he knows about our company and so we can apply it directly to what we’re […]
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Southeastern Paper Testimonial

We’ve used Jim now two times and have finished a round with our 120 person sales force. If you’re looking for sales training that’s different than anything else you’ve probably ever done, it’s not about tricks, it’s not about gimmicks, not about the lastest trick close out there, but a real strategic way to go […]
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SunSouth Testimonial

“My name is Neal Stanford, I’m with SunSouth, we’re a John Deere dealership, 21 locations in the Southeast. We just completed two days of training with Jim, going over the sales process and some different techniques and really learned a lot. A lot of the things may have seemed self-explanatory or that we already knew, […]
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Supreme Corporation – Testimonial

“We just finished a two-day session with Jim. I found him through a friend of mine that I trusted to give me suggestions for a sales trainer, and we found Jim through him. We completed a real interesting and thought provoking two-day session with him where he discussed a lot of principles about sales. How […]
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Testimonial from Alexander Lumber

Hi, my name is Russ Kathrein, I’m the president and CEO of Alexander Lumber in Illinois/Wisconsin, we operate multiple locations. We wanted to build more of a sales culture here at Alexander Lumber and we knew that we needed some outside help to do that. We’ve asked Jim to come in and help us build […]
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Testimonial from Isaac Oswalt of 21Handshake

My name is Isaac Oswalt. I’ve been able to work with Jim Pancero for a few different meetings now. I’ve learned a lot. And what I’ve learned most importantly is to keep things simple and to give something that’s actionable. So in a lot of his training he teaches on many different facets and then at […]
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United Pipe & Steel Testimonial

“We hired Jim Pancero for our 2017 company sales meeting and had a wonderful event for a period of a week in January. Jim spent a lot of time in preparation with me, with other members of my team learning about our business, gathering details about the intricacies of our business compared to others. It’s […]
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Warn Industries – Testimonial

  “Through Jim’s training our sales force has had a great opportunity to really be able to focus on the customer and in the process determine what it is that we do uniquely so that we can really win in the marketplace. Both our company and our sales force is looking forward to the year […]
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Winthrop Resources Corp. – Testimonial

“Winthrop hired Jim needing a message of uniqueness. And one of the things Jim was able to do, far better than we were able to do ourselves, was to be able to distill down the message to a simple concept that we can now replicate across our entire sales force.” Brian Slipka, Sr. V. P. […]
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