Testimonial from Alexander Lumber

Hi, my name is Russ Kathrein, I’m the president and CEO of Alexander Lumber in Illinois/Wisconsin, we operate multiple locations. We wanted to build more of a sales culture here at Alexander Lumber and we knew that we needed some outside help to do that. We’ve asked Jim to come in and help us build that.

The problem was we really didn’t know what we wanted we just knew that what we had wasn’t good enough. So, Jim actually came in, sat down with us, helped us figure that out and he’s been kind enough to come in and do two two-day sessions with our whole sales force.

He covered a lot of  different grounds and the nice thing is it’s not necessarily the information that everybody needs, but he’s found enough information to give everybody something to take home and make them better salespeople. So we look forward to working with Jim in the future.

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