Could a cleaner and better-organized car help your reps sell more?

The reality of any outside salesperson is they live in their car. It’s their mobile office, rest area, and where they usually eat lunch. And because of that, a lot of rep’s cars get rather messy. 

What happens if your rep has a customer that needs a brochure and walks out to their car or they have an opportunity to take them to lunch? Look how embarrassing it would be if they came out and the front seat was full of old food bags and other garbage that had to be cleaned up just for the buyer to get in. 

Having ridden with a lot of reps in my research, I’ve also realized a car that’s messy and cluttered doesn’t tend to be a very efficient workspace.

Is this a good time to review with your team that they’re representing not just the ideas and products they bring, but the professionalism of how they look and dress, including their car? Think a cleaner, and more organized car could also help increase both their efficiency and effectiveness by presenting a more professional and a cleaner image and a better place to work?

Today’s video talks about how your rep’s clothing and car are an extension of your brand. Think they could sell even more if they looked more professional, cleaner and better organized in front of their buyers?

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