Are you still only selling to THE decision maker?

Business decisions used to be very hierarchical. The company owner or department head would make the final decision after getting input from their team. Selling in the past focused on getting to that single, top decision maker.

Decisions today are much more consensus-oriented. Even though one person in charge is still responsible for making that final decision, today they’ll first get input and agreement from their team about their upcoming decision.

Selling success today is based on getting higher (to the top decision makers), wider (to the decision influencers), and deeper (to the front-line workers). You can’t only be selling to the decision maker today. There are too many others who have influence, input and will be part of the final decision process.

What can you do to help your team understand and direct their selling efforts to include all expected to have influence on the decision to buy from you? 

Today’s video talks about this shift to consensus decision making and how the way to win more business is to sell to the entire decision team, not just the top decision maker. Making this change could help you sell even more!

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