Are your reps over-presenting on their sales calls?

How many members of your sales team want to tell their entire story every time they get in front of a potential buyer? The vast majority of even experienced sales reps talk too much, especially when presenting their products and solutions.

What can you do, as the leader of your team, to make sure your team can simplify and focus their presentations, whether as a PowerPoint presentation or sales call talking about how you can help?

One idea is to make sure your team’s customer presentations only concentrate on, at most, three areas, uniquenesses or values that you offer. Too many times salespeople cover 10 or 15 different reasons why they have such a superior product or solution.

Imagine listening to that many points to a presentation! Bet your mind would just fog over missing the majority of what your rep was trying to share.

Your team will be much more effective and persuasive if they can keep their presentation to the three most critical ideas that can impact your buyer’s business, improve their profitability, or lower their risk.

Success in selling is not based on what your people present, it’s what your buyers remember after your rep has left. We need to keep it simple. We need to keep it short and concentrated on the two to three most critical ideas we can offer.

Join me as I share how your team can become more persuasive and effective by presenting fewer, stronger and simpler messages to their prospects and buyers. Bet it could help them sell even more!

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