Do your reps really understand how to apply the inter-connectivity of each of the sales call steps?

Selling has gotten tougher. Just knowing the steps of a sales call is no longer enough for persuasive success. The most successful reps also understand how each of the steps interconnect and strengthen the next step of their call.

The steps of the sales call – First you LOWER RESISTANCE, then you ASK QUESTIONS, next PRESENT your ideas, then ask for some type of CLOSE or commitment and finally AGREE & SET UP your next contact to continue your selling process.

An example of the inter-connectivity of the steps is how your presentation step can include, and even set up asking for an order or commitment. It’s providing hints to your customer that, if they like what you’re saying, provides an easier path forward when you ask for an order or commitment.

As you’re presenting your benefits and features, include a direction if they like what you’re saying. Saying something like “If this looks like a good idea, our next step could be to…” and describe what action you’d like them to take. Then finish your presentation and ask for the order.

What can you do to make sure your team understands, and continues to apply the true integration of each of these five steps, to understand how the step before can be effective in setting up the next step of selling.

Join me as I share ideas about how to understand and apply the inter-connectivity of the steps of a sales call…so everyone on your team can sell even more!

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