Are your reps validating why a buyer wants to buy from you?

Have you noticed buyers just don’t seem to trust salespeople anymore? What are you doing to help your sales team increase their importance and validity to their buyers?

What impacts and impresses a customer continues to evolve. Most reps still lead their selling efforts by promoting the features of their products or services. How many of your people were taught the “Feature-Benefit” approach to selling?

For decades sales reps led by talking about their features. Saying things like “… a feature of this marker is the cap fits on the base. The advantage to you is it improves the quality of your handwriting as demonstrated here…”

See the problem? My example led with the product…just talking about my stuff. But customers don’t care about our stuff – they really only care about their stuff.

Try moving your product features from being the star of your presentation, to being a support function. Use your features to validate the benefits you are offering. A better example selling markers… “A benefit of buying this pen is it’s going to improve the quality of your handwriting because the cap fits on the base.”

We need to move our product or service features to a supporting role to validate and prove to our customers the value of what we’re talking about. Instead of just talking about our product.

Join me as I share how moving to a “Benefit-Feature” approach to selling can help you focus more on your customers and validate your offerings…so you can sell even more!

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