Do your reps understand (and use) the 3 basic structures of asking questions?

Effective questioning skills are the foundation of all persuasive communications. There are three questioning structures your team needs to be utilizing:

1st – Ask open-ended questions then moving to more close-ended questions. Open-ended questions (“What are your business goals for this year?”) encourage your buyer to talk. Asking Closed-ended questions (“How many employees do you have?”) ask about specific points with much briefer responses.

2nd – Make it easier for your buyers to say yes by first asking “Big Picture” questions (“Which model do you think will work best for you?”) before moving onto more “Detailed” questions (“What color do you want?”).

3rd – Focus on your buyer, their pain and their needs, instead of just talking about how and why your stuff is so great.

Today’s video talks about these three structures of asking questions…and how, by improving your team’s questioning skills, they can sell even more!

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