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Improving Your Trade Show Selling Skills

  You can get the most value by showing this video at a sales meeting prior to your trade show and then leading your team on a discussion of: What did you think of the ideas on the video? How relevant are these ideas to us and our upcoming show? What do you think we…

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Increasing Your Cold Calling Efforts

Cold calling, or contacting prospects you have never talked to, is one of the single toughest activities any salesperson can do. It’s not that cold calling is hard, it’s just takes a lot of work to generate a little new business and involves the highest rate of selling rejection. Most salespeople hate cold calling, not…

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Is Everyone Talking to Your Customers Properly Trained and Coached?

How many different people from your company talk with your customers? Consider asking your team to evaluate and discuss two different selling scenarios. The first scenario deals with your newest customers. Ask your team how many different people from your company will talk with a new prospect (either by telephone or “face-to-face”) from the time…

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Move Your Customer Service from Assumed to Amazing!

  Jim describes the four levels of customer service: Assumed, Expected, Impressed and Amazed. How you can move your service from being reactive to proactive! Thanks to our friends at ISSA for the permission to use this video!  

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Moving Your Service Levels to Amazing

Jim Pancero and Satisfyd present “Moving Service Levels to Amazing – Make Your Service Department a Competitive Advantage!” – One hour webinar Topics include: – How do your customers view your sales and service team? – Where are your customer’s service team and support levels now? – The evolution of a competitive advantage – What types of…

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My Sales Suck! – Five Proven Ways to Invigorate Yourself and Your Team

So how are sales? I’m Jim Pancero. I’ve spent over 30 years as a sales and sales management consultant and trainer, helping experienced sales pro’s like you increase their selling success and margins. In just six minutes I’d like to share with you five proven things you can start doing now, today, that can immediately…

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Positioning Buyers to Use Your Low Risk Customer Buying Process

What is your selling approach and competitive uniqueness? Is your selling strategy to win the business based on having the lowest prices or are you selling on your greater value and lower total cost? Less skilled sales people tend to gravitate to selling on price. They lack the skills of probing to understand better, their…

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Proactive Customer Service – Show Value

Proactive Customer Service – Initiate Ideas As a sales pro have you tried being more proactive with your clients? Offer your best clients a day of research and allowing them to see the value you can provide.

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Remember to ‘Pencil Sell’ During Your Sales Presentation

Can you increase your persuasiveness when presenting your ideas to customers? A powerful idea that might be of help originally came out of the 1940’s and involves “pencil selling” as a way to get your message remembered and to help you maintain control of your sales presentation. “Pencil selling” simply means using a blank pad…

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